Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer
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Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer L Black


A Donabe Steamer for cooking healthy and lean dishes with fast cooking times which maintains natural flavors and textures.
Suitable for gas stoves and for family gatherings around the table (using a portable gas burner).
Suitable for 3-5 people.
Comes in three pieces; bowl, lid and ceramic grate.
Use in three ways; steamer, all purpose donabe for soups and stews (when not using the ceramic grate), or cold as a portable fridge

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Healthy steamed meals in only a couple of minutes? This Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer is up to that task, having your dish ready in a second and giving you the best tasting steamed food you ever tried.

The Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer L is suitable for 3-5 people, and is available in Black and White. A smaller steamer donabe for 2-4 people is also available.

Mushi Nabe Steamer recipes are not exclusive to steamed vegetables, although steaming such a basic dish showcases the effect of steaming with a donabe for its taste. Steam cooking with a donabe steamer has the benefit of cooking your ingredients even faster and in so retaining (more) nutrients and texture. The intense heat and the far-infrared radiation effect of the donabe yields this rapid steaming, keeping the flavor of each ingredient locked inside.

You can use the Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer in three ways: as a steamer, as an all-purpose donabe for stews and soups, and as a portable fridge. Just as the earthenware pot locks in heat when heated over a gast stove, it locks any temperature inside. So when you fill the donabe with ice, it will keep your ingredients cool.

The Mushi Nabe Claypot is made by iga móno, in the Iga Prefecture in Japan. It weighs 3.8kg and is for gas stove use. The inner part is glazed with a transparant glaze, as is the ceramic steam grate. The outside is glazed in a black or white glaze.

Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer Basic Steaming

Follow the three easy steps for your fast steaming meals:

– Fill the Donabe for 70% with water
– Put the steam grate in place and cover with lid. Bring to a boil over medium/high heat
– Line the grate and place the ingredients on the lining or directly on the grate.
– Cover and cook until done. Dig in.

Don Abe Says: “Why lining the grate? It prevents the food from sticking to the grate, it’s easier to clean, gives flavour and can be eaten too!”

Some easy donabe recipe inspiration for your Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer

Takei-Moore’s Donabe Cookbook is filled with interesting recipes for this Mushi Nabe Donabe Steamer, such as Japanese Gyoza’s, Steamed Black Cod, but also Green Tea Steam Cake.

Donabe Steamer Specifications:

The Mushi Nabe Black L Donabe Steamer includes:
– Donabe Steamer (Bowl and Lid)
Mushi Nabe L Donabe Steamer is suitable for a steam dish for 3-5 people

Size: 31cm D x 20 cm high
Capicity: 3000ml
Weight: 5.4kg
Packed in a carton box
(Additional Information Tab shows shipping dimensions)

Usage and Care:
For gas stove top use and oven safe up to 250C, not suitable for microwave, electric or induction cooktop
Handwash only

Please note: upon first use you need to season your donabe first [link]

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 35 cm



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